Awaken the Spirit Within with Self Care

Online Yin Yoga Class

Join Jackie on the mat for only $36 a month. She adds 4 new classes every month. 

Here is the get 24/7 unlimited access to practice where ever and when ever you want. Even if you cancel after a month, you keep access to those 4 classes. Sign Up today!

Learn to Meditate Online Series

Join Jackie as she offers step by step techniques to make meditating easy and beneficial. Ideal for ages 12 and up. The series consists of 4 Audio Downloads & Workbook guiding you on your personal meditation journey to health and harmony. Purchase below.

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Sleep


Jackie uses a form of guided meditation called Yoga Nidra.

It is key to disconnect from the senses and as your mind relaxes,

your body will follow.

Common benefits from the Nidras include: lower blood pressure, 

calm chatter in the mind, relieve stress, balance emotions, 

better quality of sleep and more!

Just 2 weeks of daily meditation can add clarity, 

tolerance and purpose back into your life.

10 minute Audio Relaxation

Escape Moments Bodyscan is a FREE guided meditation. 

Enjoy the soothing voice of Jackie with Cora Sounds by Dave Gilden.

Audio Sample

Ocean Journey is a 10 minute guided meditation for relaxation.

The 5 track audio album including Ocean is available on iTunes.

Audio Sample

 This 30 minute Guided Relaxation is perfect for sleep. It will relax and disconnect you from your senses. Then, it will take you on a back country journey through Alaska. 

Enjoy music and native sounds edited by Dave Gilden and 

Yoga Posture Labs 101


Would you like to learn more about Yoga and the Postures?

Jackie is posting FREE videos on YouTube called "Yoga Posture Labs 101".

 Jackie is E-RYT500 certified, so each video is a CE credit.

Each video details:

- How to get in and out of each Posture

-What muscles are being utilized and the goal

-How to modify and make adjustments

- ( For Teachers) How to apply hands on adjustments and personal pampering

Each Posture has its' own video.

Teachers looking to broaden their awareness of the poses and learn how to 

connect with the student on a deeper level are encouraged to watch.

Students can learn what goals are for each pose and how to apply modifications 

and adjustments that will take their practice on a whole new level of awareness.

FREE YogaInstruction Series

Yoga Posture Labs 101 for Teachers and Students

The Morning Motivation Yoga Video

This is a 9 minute yoga sequence to help you ease your body from bed to standing.

Bodyscan Guided Relaxation Video

This is a 10 minute guided meditation for rest and relaxation. Lower blood pressure and calm the mind and body.

Mindvalley Meditation Website


Mindvalley offers online audio meditations that teach self awareness and healing. 

Jackie has 4 tracks available through their Omvana platform. 

There is a low monthly fee to experience hundreds of options.