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What's Happening In August...

Dallas, TX

Jackie will be in the DFW area.

She offers:

CE Credit Workshops


Private Sessions 




Energy Healing

Energy Elemental Clearings

Reiki Attunements

Past Life Regression


Dream Journeys Events

Yin Yang Nidra Bliss Events

Distant Sessions Available

No matter where you live, Jackie can offer the following Services:

Distant Energy Healing

Distant Energy Elemental Clearing

Past Life Regression


(All of the distant sessions begin with a private phone or video chat to discuss the distant process)

Call or Text Jackie to sign up or book online.

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Summer Yoga in texas


Summer Yin Yoga from July through Sept 2019

Soul Bodyworks/Hurst

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Summer Yin Yoga from July through Sept 2019

Every Friday 645pm and Saturday at 3pm 

this Summer...Jackies' unique Yin class is a great way to refresh and renew. Gain flexibility,  Repair Joints and Connective Tissue, Relax, Increase ROM,  lower blood pressure, balance emotions, better sleep and more!

Soul Bodyworks/Hurst

Yoga Teachers - Earn CE Credit Hours for Yoga Alliance

Creating a Savasana to Remember

Length: 2-2.5 hrs (Contact)

Theme: Savasana is meant to be beneficial to your students. Don't let their ego mindset ruin the shavaz. 

Learn how to apply meditation, inspiration, adjustments, new relaxing poses and pampers for your students. 

Adjustments: How/Why/Where ?

Length: 2 hours (Contact)

Theme: To explore adjustments. The reasons for them and proper techniques.

Learn the difference between adjustments for pamper and for alignment.

Learn proper hand placements and how.

Yoga for the Hands and Feet

Length: 2 hours (Contact)

Theme: Don't leave the hands and feet

 out of the practice. 

Learn insights for proper alignment in the body when giving time and attention to what the hands and feet are doing.

Benefits: Gain Confidence/New Ideas

This workshop is hands on.

Become confident in leading the Savasana. Give your students more options and benefits for those last few minutes of class. From Healing to Relaxing, the techniques you learn here will be memorable for you and your students practice.  

Benefits: Confidence/Knowledge

Do you want to adjust, but unsure why and how? Then this is for you.

Gain the knowledge and insights to proper and respectful adjustments that will give your students assurance in your teaching.

This is a hands on workshop filled with lots of take aways' !

Benefits: Better Alignment/Pampering

When the foundation is set, the poses are stronger and safer. The hands and feet ARE the foundation. Enjoy this hands on workshop to gain new knowledge and techniques to strengthen the hands and feet. Then, learn ways to pamper your students too...

learn while practicing!